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RUFF Membership

Sweden's most genuine Golf club

At RUFF, golfers from all over the country gather to experience indoor golf at its best. As part of our members club, you get to take advantage of a number of advantageous offers. Discounted playing times, membership activities, exclusive invitations and much more.

Visit your nearest RUFF facility and become a member today.

RUFF Member - Free
  • 5% during Low Time

Price: 0 kr

RUFF Member – 1500
  • 10% during all time slots

Price: 1500 kr
Voucher: 1500 kr

RUFF Member - 3000
  • 25% during Low Time
  • 15% during Prime Time

Price: 3000 kr
Voucher: 3000 kr

RUFF Member - 9000
  • 50% during Low Time
  • 20% during Prime Time

Price: 9000 kr
Voucher: 9000 kr

RUFF Member - Pensionär
  • 50% during Low Time

Price: 2000 kr
Voucher: 2000 kr

RUFF Member – Junior
  • 30% during all time slots (except from thursday’s & friday’s after kl. 16.00).
  • On weekends, the discount is valid only upon drop-in booking.
Our Membership - RUFF Member

A membership at RUFF offers discounted time slots, exclusive offers and invitations to tournaments and additional activities. Your membership includes a screening from KineXit. Read more about KineXit here. RUFF Member offer six levels of membership. A free version – RUFF Member Free, can be accessed through our website. Sign up for ‘RUFF Member – Free’ at no cost, and receive a 5% discount during Low Time.

Would you like to upgrade your membership?
No problem. Talk to your local site, and they will help you get upgraded.

An upgrade to any of the remaining five memberships will include a voucher with an equal amount. This voucher can be used throughout the season.

The voucher has the same name as the membership – but can only be used at your local site.

Using the voucher is not mandatory in order to receive the membership discounts.

Rules & Conditions

  • RUFF Member – Junior is only addressed to juniors under the age of 21 to play during discounted time slots.
  • The memberships are valid from October 2022 to September 2023.