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As close to reality as you can get

We care about the details.

Some would call us picky, but for us it’s a matter of quality – beauty is in the details. RUFF stands for golf experiences beyond the ordinary and we love to exceed our visitors’ expectations. Let’s explain how.

For a game in a simulator environment to be experienced as realistic and for you as a golfer to feel comfortable, the technology and the environment are absolutely crucial. In addition to all our facilities being equipped with the latest TrackMan simulators, our cages are quite large in both width, height and depth. The walls has the most durable tarpaulins, the ceiling has the best projectors on the market and under your feet are artificial turf of the highest quality. All for a world-class indoor golf experience.

But as we so often want to emphasize, a visit to RUFF is not just about experiencing golf. It’s just as much about socializing and well-being. We have therefore designed all our facilities with cozy golf lounges, equipped and furnished with all the amenities that may be needed. In addition, our service desk is always staffed and here you can order both food and drinks, borrow golf equipment and get help navigating TrackMan’s simulators.

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Unlimited gaming opportunities

Great weather, all year round.

In the TrackMan simulator, you have over 300 tracks from around the world to choose from. Here you will find everything from famous courses such as St Andrews Old Course, Valderama and Murifield Village, to Swedish Lidingö GK. TrackMan also offers a large selection of par 3 tracks and completely virtual tracks that can only be experienced in the simulator.

With TrackMan’s precise control, the game is experienced realistically and with additions such as tough weather, tougher fairway and fast greens, you can easily create extra challenges in the game. If you prefer to bet on a low score, you can instead choose an easier course with optimal conditions.

Create, understand & maintain your technique

Ask for help by Tracy

Whether you are an experienced player or completely new to the sport, TrackMan’s built-in AI coach Tracy can help you create, understand and maintain a conscious and improved game technique. By reading a total of 28 data points at each stroke, each movement is analyzed with unique precision.

With the help of Tracy’s insights, your game becomes more conscious and effective. You get easy-to-understand feedback where potential for improvement is clearly and immediately presented. Through conscious play and feedback in real time, valuable time is freed up where your game technique and swing are constantly evolving.

Tracy is constantly working to optimize you as a player, your technology and your swing DNA. With Tracy’s help, all parameters read in TrackMan are decoded and you get valuable suggestions on what to do to improve your skills. In addition to your skill improvements, you will also be given valuable insights about your own game and your game technique.

Wrap the rounds out on the golf course with a visit to us at RUFF is the perfect way to consciously develop your skills and refine your technique – Focused, time-efficient and valuable training when it suits you.

Eager to develop your own skills and technique? Visit us and say that you want to meet Tracy.

Challenge your friends

May the best golf player win.

Do you consider yourself a better player than your friends? Here’s your chance to prove it! Roll up your sleeves and prepare for competition. With TrackMan’s virtual games, you and your friends are faced with various challenging and nerve-wracking trials that can generate hours of entertainment.

Closest to the pin

The name hints what the challenge awaits. Who in the your circle manages to glue the stick? Agree on a hole and grab your iron clubs. Here it’s extra important to get as close to the flag as possible. How about testing the famous eighth hole on the Royal Troon? With over 300 par 3 holes to choose from, there will always be new challenges waiting!

Hit me!

Pick up the driver and maximize everything. In this game, just like in the WLD Championship, you have to get the longest drive. Set the time limit, the number of strokes each player receives and prepare for a match against friends. While TrackMan keeps track of the standings, you can put all your focus on defeating opponents or defending first place. Ready to take on the challenge?

Capture the flag

The rules are simple. Here it is important to catch as many flags as possible. Capture The Flag is about technique, strategy and your ability to keep your nerves in check. Do you have what it takes to beat your friends?


Bullseye is a fun, entertaining and challenging scoring game that is perfect for anyone who can hit a golf ball with their club. Choose from lots of different virtual environments. How about, for example, a round on top of the big city skyscrapers? Or why not in the western-inspired city in the middle of the desert?

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