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Let us be honest for a second

Indoor-golfing deserves more

Taking golf from golf courses can be seen as a sin Therefore, we at RUFF chose to give our TrackMan 4 simulators an indoor environment and the overall experience indoor golf deserves. The result? A really nice golf lounge Sweden has never seen before.

Forget the old suspended nets in a warehouse outside the city. At RUFF, we create facilities where well-being, socializing and first-class service are at least as important as the precision TrackMan 4 offers. All our golf lounges are staffed, furnished with care and equipped with all the comforts that may be needed.

Come to play golf, socialize or just treat yourself with a much-needed break from your everyday life. We promise you an experience beyond the ordinary.

The story

Everything started in a garage.

Every company has its story. Our begins in Gävle, in a garage, more specifically in Alexander Bengtsson’s home. As the golf enthusiast and gadget nerd Alex is, there were all kinds of clubs, bags, headcovers, balls and gloves circling around his home.

What started as a hobby developed over the years into a business idea where Alex started buying and reselling exclusive and limited golf products to golf lovers like himself. But when the amount of stuff and the logistics of shipments finally required more space than his house could store, it was time to switch up.

The entrepreneur and creator in Alex needed a place where he could unlock his passion and let it grow. He needed a showroom where the products could be displayed and tested. After a visit to “gamla väveriet” in Gävle, it became clear. The place for the showroom was found – and so was a new business idea born.

RUFF is born.

Together with partners Anders “Sudden” Sundin and Anders Olsson, Alex started sketching a place where golfers at all levels could meet, socialize and experience really good games together. The idea of ​​RUFF was born and the old goods lift in the facility became the inspiration for the construction design. Hidden, yet accessible. Modern, but with a historical touch and charm. Unnoticed, but a real success.

The result was an exclusive and family-friendly golf lounge – designed as a meeting place, equipped with the market-leading TrackMan simulators and decorated with tasteful lounge furniture for a chill hang out. Packed with a staffed service desk, a bar and a fully equipped club workshop, RUFF Gävle finally took shape to become an exceptional destination.

What could have ended up as a story about a facility, developed into a story about believing in your business idea and going all in. After the Gävle success, the trio understood that RUFF was a concept beyond the ordinary. Under the leadership of Sudden, the company grew and within a few months, four more RUFF facilities were ready to open around the country.

With our eyes oriented for the future, we are now ready to grow even more. In 2021, we launched several new golf lounges around Sweden and in the long term the plan is to expand into Europe. We look forward to taking you on our journey!

Work at RUFF

We are looking for a real keeper. Is it you?

At RUFF we love golf. And we love people who share our interest. If you also have a natural set for service and have knowledge you want to share with others, then we believe you could truly fit our team. A real goalkeeper, quite simply.

Send your spontaneous application to info@ruffgolf.se and mark the email with “I am a Keeper”. If you’re the person we are looking for, we will make sure to find a place for you.

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Welcome to Swedens’ most genuine indoor golf club. As a RUFF member, you can access several benefits and special offers. 

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